Standard Pricing:



Tour Type Locations* Price (13/14 person max)
Brewery/Winery Tours Muncie/Indy/Ft. Wayne $25 - $40 per person.
Concert Transportation Indy/Ft. Wayne $450 for up to 6 hours then $50/hr. thereafter.
Custom Tours - 3 hours or under Restricted to Indiana $100 per hour.
Custom Tours - 4    or more hours Restricted to Indiana $350 for up to 4 hours then $50/hr. thereafter.
Continuous Shuttle Services Muncie Area / Indy / Ft. Wayne $100 per hour.

*If you don't see a location listed, please contact us for pricing beyond the cities listed.

Private Tours:

In addition to our regular tours and special events, we also offer private tours for any occasion including events not related to breweries or wineries.

Do you have some favorite destination wineries or breweries in Indiana that you would like to visit? Let us help you plan a custom tour just about anywhere in Indiana! If you don't know where you want to go, we can create a custom tour for you. We will also offer custom combo tours where we visit both breweries and wineries. The growing distillery market in Indiana will also be possible stops.

If you're just looking for an outing for up to 13 people for almost any purpose, we can do that also! Shopping trips, girls/boys night out, golf trips, etc, we can meet your needs!

Contact us for options and pricing for private tour options.