Drink Local!!!

June 07, 2017

Drink Local!!!

"Drink Local" is rather fitting to the Hops And Vines Bus mission which is to take folks around to local breweries & pubs.  We love to introduce our favorite beer spots to people whom otherwise may not have known about or tried in the past.  

In this blog series, we will highlight 1 brewery/pub each blog post over the next several weeks.  We will introduce you to the breweries' regular beers along with their limited releases that only come once or twice a year.  

We look forward to sharing details we discover at each brewery and we might even find a fact or two that not many people know about!  And the best part is that you can join us on one of our tours and experience great local beer!

Brewery profiles include:

Guardian Brewing Company
Elm Street Brewing Company
New Corner Brewing Company
Wolves Head Brewing Company
The Fickle Peach

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the 'Drink Local' brewery series!